EuroVR conference 2017

Laval Virtual Center (France) - 12th to 14th december 2017

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Laval Virtual Center


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The Laval Virtual Center is situated in the virtual and augmented reality‘s capital: Laval. This center is the totem of Laval‘s RV-RA ecosystem and campus. It represents the commitment of the city in virtual and augmented reality.  
The building, with its 3000m2 of surface is the outcome of a committed project started 20 years ago.
The goal is to make the Laval Virtual Center a permanent hub and an international reference on technologies and virtual uses. It would also be a complement to the Laval Virtual show which has welcomed in 2017 more than 17700 visitors and 240 exhibitors.

The Laval Virtual Center will welcome three major entities of the virtual and augmented reality field: Clarté, Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Laval Virtual.
Those three actors will build together a service offer with a high added value: technological accelerator, continuous training, technological watch and expertise, ideation, and test bench.

The Laval Virtual Center and its service offer are unprecedented and unique. Sharing, enrichment, crossover and projects’ birth will be at the heart of the LVC activity.

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