EuroVR conference 2017

Laval Virtual Center (France) - 12th to 14th december 2017

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Audace - S3
AUDACE Digital learning design and develop an innovative offer of digital training devices to support industry 4.0 and digital healthcare players.
Simulator in cabin, front plate and button box for industry (Steel crane, Logistics rolling bridge, Portal portal, Crane CMMS, Logistics trolley ...)
Simulation of technical interventions (cleaning of swimming pools in BR, Driving machines and machines ...)
Reconstitution of accident situations
Simulation of processes with RV (Simulator of optimization of the structures of means of access, Spraying of water in deluge ...)
School projects in augmented reality
Devices made in augmented reality, virtual reality and holography.
A team of digital developers and pedagogical and computer engineers.



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Frontiers - S9

Frontiers is a leading open-access academic publisher, with prestigious and well respected editorial boards. We provide rigorous peer review and fast publication with a goal to increase the visibility of research articles and their authors. Our grand vision is to build an Open Science platform where everybody has equal opportunity to seek, share and generate knowledge, and that empowers researchers in their daily work. 

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Haption - S8

Haption is a high-technology company based in France, providing products and solutions for interactive physics-based simulation. Interactive simulation is a powerful tool for creating a live 3D experience of a product or a manufacturing process in the digital world. The specific value of Haption's technology is to enable a manual interaction in real-time, with force-feedback. The applications range from assembly validation, maintenance assessment, to ergonomic optimization of human-robot collaboration.




MiddleVR - S7

MiddleVR, the virtual reality company

MiddleVR is a French virtual reality software company. We specialise in professional VR applications for marketing, engineering, architecture, training, health and more!         We create the simple and powerful MiddleVR plugin for Unity,  with which you can create and experience interactive &  immersive VR applications in only a few minutes!   We also provide Improov3, a VR tool for engineers and architects, for product reviews of scale 1 3D models of CAD models and architectural buildings.                                 We also provide professional services to create your VR worlds, using the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, zSpace or CAVEs.





REPLICATE (cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation) is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Programme, that assembles a team of research institutions, SMEs and intermediaries involved in emerging technologies for creative digital representation of real world. The project aims to use smartphones and their sensors to deliver 3D reconstruction of objects and their surroundings.

REPLICATE will employ emerging mobile devices for the development of a ubiquitous and intuitive platform to create real-world-derived digital assets, implemented in a cooperative environment where human inspiration can be harnessed utilizing Augmented Reality/MR/VR.


EON Reality Logo Blue 1


Eon Reality is a californian company, leader of solutions and experiences of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for industries, education and communication.

Founded in 1999, EON Reality Inc is based in Irvine California (US), its corporate headquarter is based in Laval (France)

We’ve been developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Software and knowledge transfer solutions since 1999. Our AVR Platform is a premiere suite of AR & VR products serving enterprise or education. This premiere suite consists of three products - Creator AVR, Virtual Trainer, and AR Assist.



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Using our “Embodied Engineering” VR approach we work according to the maxim that the focus is on people and their skills and strive to support them in the best possible way through tailor-made solutions. The aim is to improve planning procedures and to diminish communications barriers through being able to experience something directly via Virtual Reality.



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