EuroVR conference 2017

Laval Virtual Center (France) - 12th to 14th december 2017

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Dynamic Platform for Virtual Reality Applications

Jérémy Plouzeau, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet and Frederic Merienne


Effects of Audio Guide on Presence and Flow in Virtual Art

Aelee Kim, Sion Baek, Eunbeen Lee and Kyungmin Lee


A Serious Game in Cognitive Training of Brain-Damaged Patients to Enhance Creativity

Laura Colautti, Vera Colombo, Davide Baldassini, Stefano Mottura and Alessandro Antonietti


Anatomy Now: Medical VR application, Applying RGB Color Selection Method For Description Of The Styling Straps On A Complex 3D Object

Jolanda Tromp


Virtual User Interaction to Instruct Digital Human Models for Effective Model Based Engineering – an Expert Review

Andreas Geiger, Elisabeth Brandenburg and Rainer Stark


Designing a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy to Familiarise and Desensitise to Environmental Stressors in Airports

Matthieu Poyade, Glyn Morris, Ian Taylor and Victor Portela


360-degree Spatial Knowledge: A Comparative Assessment of Virtual Reality (FOVE) and Desktop 360-Degree Indirect Visual Display

Palash Vijay, Priyanka Srivastava and Amrendra Singh


Utilizing Vectorization based on ARM Architecture for Gesture Recognition

Yoon-Jib Kim and Sang-Heon Lee


VR-CAD Framework for Parametric Data Modification with a 3D Shape-based Interaction

 Yujiro Okuya, Nicolas Ladeveze, Cédric Fleury, Patrick Bourdot





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